Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I re-enlisted a couples days ago for another 3 years of good times in the Army National Guard. I know, some of you are probably scratching your heads wondering what illegal substance I was on when I made this decision, but trust me, I was in a clear state of mind. My original contract was set to expire in August of 2007. After my re-enlistment my new end date will be August of 2010, for those of you who can't do basic math. I'll use this extra time to finish up my college work on Uncle Sam's dime, which was one of the main reasons I joined the Guard in the first place. I'm crossing my fingers that the Army will leave me alone for three years, so I can graduate college before I'm thirty. Anyways, here are a few pictures from my swearing in ceremony, complete with tongue in cheek commentary.

Milling about before the swearing in. At this point I was contemplating my escape routes in case I decide to bail at the last minute. Mr. Regan (facing me, back middle) is eyeing me suspiciously, like a gunslinger in a wild west movie. He knows I'm screwed.

MAJ Teegerstrom, the squadron XO (executive officer), swore me in. SFC Lechner, the retention guy who swindled me into this whole deal, is standing in the background with a U.S. flag. To make it official and what not.

I'm not really sure why I look so happy in this photo. I just gave the U.S. government three more years of my life! Is it too late to take this back? Maybe I was on some type of narcotic after all. I know Nicki thinks I was.


Nicki Picky said...

no comment

Sack said...

I think SFC Lechner put a roofie in your water. I think this because he may have done the same thing to me. I think this is simliar to what happens you buy a new car and have buyer's regret. But you made the right decision, IRR is nowhere for a young high speed 42A like yourself.

JH said...

My theory is that SFC Lechner has modified that flag pole he holds next to him by inserting a harpon gun type mechanisim into the tip, so that if soldier's attempt to run during the re-enlistment ceremony he can point the flag at them and reel them back in with the tip of the flag pole. Just a theory, but something to consider.

Joe said...

DUDE!! are you serious. i know it makes financial sense but three more years.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? I'm just going to go ahead and assume your cynical, dismissive attitude toward service does not represent the majority of American soldiers. My parents immigrated to the US and I have never felt anything but respect and admiration for soldiers, so I am hoping people like you are very rare. I would be ashamed to let my foreign relatives know that you exist.

Why would you sign up if you didn't care passionately? Are you a patriot or not? If you want respect and admiration for being a soldier, at least admit that you enlisted of your own free will and don't blame others for your choice to do so. Otherwise you come off very badly.