Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Anaconda in pictures

More pictures from the bazaar...

Soldiers browsing the booths, checking out what the LNs have to offer.

This fellow saw me snapping pictures, and was begging for me to take one of him. The LNs can speak some English - usually just enough to get your money in their pocket. Most seem happy and enjoy working the bazaar. When I gestured to this dude that I was going to take his picture, he asked me to stop while he grabbed a few things. Without wasting any time, he snagged a copy of Click! and a knife. Essential items, to be sure.

Shoes? Anyone want some shoes? A pair of brand spanking new Nike Shox will run you about $30. Beat that Footlocker!

Another table full of DVD box sets. There is a mixture of things you would find back home (Sopranos box set, Nip/Tuck, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, etc.) and some things you won't find at your local Wal-Mart or Best Buy (50 Disney movies in one box, 20 Julia Roberts movies, etc.).

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