Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pool Party

I'm going to break up the normal "Jon home on R&R leave" photo routine with something a little different today. A couple nights ago the S-1 guys (my section) were invited to a pool party, hosted by some of the soldiers working at the ECPs (Entry Control Point). They had a nice spread of food, including steaks, ribs, and lobster tails. Also had all the extras, including baked beans, potato salad, and even some n/a beer. A good time was had by all. Here are some pictures from the event.

SGT Kane, SFC Kerchal and myself, hanging out poolside sipping on ice cold Becks n/a beer.

SSG Johnson wanted to be cool for 5 seconds, so SFC Kerchal and I let him take a picture with us. I think he felt left out because he wasn't in the first picture. Notice that SFC Kerchal and I won't look at the camera. We were slightly ashamed to be in a photograph with SSG Johnson. Poor guy.

This is a picture of the brand new shelter that was constructed at the pool, just for pool parties like this one.

Some of the meat, cooking on the grill. The steaks were outstanding. Best cut of meat I've had since I was home on leave. Delicious.


Brad said...

First of all, the original picture and all other pictures of this event were taken by me with MY camera. As always, the SSG planned ahead and thought about things that SGT Hanseling and SGT Kane are not yet capable of. Secondly, SGT Hanseling’s attention span lasts longer than 2 seconds only if there is a mirror in front of him that he can use to show off his Zoolander pose. Being his roommate, I’ve walked in on this on multiple occasions which has scarred me for life.

Nicki Picky said...


Sack said...

By planning ahead I assume you mean receiving a call from me asking you to bring the camera.

Also, is the post Blue Steel or Magnum? Because I hear Magnum is really awesome.