Tuesday, May 16, 2006

the Pool

The inevitable heat wave has washed over LSA Anaconda, suffocating all in it's path with triple-digit temperatures and stifling heat. Gone are the mild spring temperatures of 80 degrees. Summer has arrived, and it's here to stay.

One of the best things Anaconda has to offer is their outdoor pool. The pool was actually built by the Hussein family for Iraqi athlete to train in for the Olympic games. After 9/11 and the U.S. takeover of Balad and LSA Anaconda, the military opened up the pool to provide U.S. service members a break from the scorching desert heat and at the same time let them enjoy a nice reminder of summer fun back in the USA. The pool is open 24/7, and is used for both lap swimming and pure unadulterated fun.

My favorite feature of the pool has to be the diving tower, hands down. Not only are diving towers fun just by themselves, but if you factor in a childhood spent at swimming pools such as the Municipal pool in Seward NE and Woods pool in Lincoln NE, then you can understand my enjoyment of this concrete structure. Many soldiers make fools of themselves attempting to pull off absurd jumps and maneuvers from the diving tower, but these types of incidents are encouraged, as they provide entertainment for the rest of us watching from a distance. Unfortunately for the thrill seekers, the top deck is off limits, but I think most would agree that the middle deck is high enough (30 feet) to satisfy any service members needs.

My workout partner (SPC Kane) and I have gotten into a routine of working out in the gym (which can be seen off in the distance of the above picture) and then walking over to the pool for a nice cool down period. This has been working out well, and will probably be a staple for months to come.

Bottom line: the swimming pool rocks, is one of Anaconda's best features, and will be one of my favorite spots during my time here in Iraq.

Before I wrap this up I just wanted to say congratulations to my brother James on his graduation this Sunday from Seward High School. An outstanding achievement, to be sure. Good luck brother at Hastings College - I know Mom would be proud, as the rest of us are.

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Scurve 2 said...

dude that pool looks so money im kinda jealus of u your life is lookin pretty compared over in iraq ...maybe i should join the army hmmmm