Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Award Presentation

I'm sure some of you find yourselves scratching your head from day to day and wondering, "I know Jon is deployed, but what the heck is he doing over there in Iraq?" Well, hopefully this post will help in identifying at least one or two examples of what it is, exactly, that I do here.
We recently had an incident where one of the soldiers in our Squadron was involved with discovering and confiscating a large amount of contraband (in this case, liqour) from a truck that was entering LSA Anaconda. The General here at Anaconda wanted to reward this fine soldier with an award for his discovery. After a few emails and phone calls, the news of the event made it down to my level and it was determined that yours truly would be responsible for writing the award and seeing that it was done properly so the General could sign it and award it to the soldier. I went to work, doing my thing, and once I had the award completed and signed by all the right folks, I forwarded it on to the General's office, which took it from there. This long process came full circle this morning, with the General making a visit to the soldier and awarding him with an Army Achievment Medal. I was present for the ceremony, and was tasked with taking plenty of pictures. I'll put a few on here for you to see.

(from l-r) LTC Apprich (Our Squadron Commander), GEN Halstead, and the awardee, SPC McPherson.

(l-r) LTC Apprich congratulates SSG Vance on the coin he received from the General.

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