Wednesday, May 31, 2006

like opening the oven door

100 degrees is somewhat of a magic, almost mythical number. People back home mention 100 degree weather, and folks will cover their mouth with their hand, and gasp. The weatherman forecasts 100 degree weather, and mothers tell their children to stay inside, enjoy the a/c - it's too hot outside, almost dangerous. Swimming pools overflow with customers. Summer sports and other activities shut down, due to the brutal heat.

Well, as most folks know, it gets real hot in the desert. Having never visited the Middle East before, I only had stories and word of mouth of what exactly "desert heat" feels like. Well, I'm here now, and experiencing it all first hand. When we first arrived in Iraq, we were still enjoying the spring season, and mild temperatures that came with it. High temperatures back then peaked around the high 80s and low 90s. Not too bad, we told each other. This is bearable.

Spring is in the rear-view mirror now. Summer is here, dropping the hammer of scorching summer temperatures on all of us. Soldiers stationed in the desert are defenseless to the bright sun, the hot dusty wind, and everything else that summer brings with it. Soldiers can not simply stay inside and enjoy a/c, or spend all day cooling off at the pool. Soldiers must continue on, complete their missions, all while enduring the triple-digit temperatures.

Each day this week our sections weather guru, SPC Burnham (a meteorology major at UNL) has been monitoring his weather station and recording the steady climb of the Iraq heat. Today has been the hottest day so far - we topped out at 111.6 degrees. The effect of this level of hot is hard to describe, but SPC Kane found a way to sum it up perfectly - "it's like opening the oven door in the kitchen - the heat kicks you in the face and forces you to look away". Everytime you dare to venture outdoors, the heat is waiting.

Continue to keep the soldiers of the 1-167th RSTA in your thoughts and prayers as we continue our mission in the extreme heat of Iraq. I'm thankful for my desk job and the stream of a/c - now more than ever!


Nicki Picky said...

Look now I can comment-sorry about the heat...I'm sure you will get a good tan though...and that's all that matters :)

Nicki Picky said...

i heart you

Scurve 2 said...

dude that sounds like it sucks monkey dick...i cant imagine that hot of weather...thats crazy hopefully ur livin it up in that big ass pool u guys got take it easy man

Joe said...

that does sound somewhat uncomfortable. you better be getting really tan!