Sunday, May 07, 2006

Inside the Hooch

I told you all awhile back that I would post some pictures of the inside of my room once the initial "just moved in" phase had passed and the place was presentable. After being here a few weeks and getting comfortable and everything in its place, I now present a pair of pictures of my room.

Above is the front corner on my half of the room. Most of the rooms here are laid out just like this one - two beds, two wall lockers, and lovely wood paneling.

Here is my cozy back corner. Notice the lovely blanket that Nicki made me and gave as a Christmas gift - it keeps me warm at night when the a/c is cranking. My brother Jacob sent me a handful of PS2 games that I play when I have time - thanks Jacob! This picture is now outdated, as I have now moved the green foot locker out of the way and tucked it underneath the bed. My roommate and I feel that the switch really opens up the space.

The living quarters are simple, yet efficient. The beds are comfortable - I sleep well every night. In the past, soldiers lived in tents, on cots, with as many as 12 men per tent. I am very grateful for what I have!

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ben said...

hmmm, things are good eh? Whelp, see ya later.

ben R