Sunday, October 15, 2006

weekend thoughts

A few rambling thoughts from this weekend...
  • Stoked about the Husker's getting a big road victory against the Mildcats on Saturday night. Our defense played well and made the Cats one-dimensional, which was the key. From listening over the radio, sounded as if Josh Freeman made some plays and could be the real deal down the road. Right now though, I'm content with coming out of Manhattan with a W. Now we have to focus on our biggest game of the year - the mighty Longhorns of Texas this Saturday in Lincoln. Cross your fingers that our good friends over at AFN pick up the game and allow those of us over here in the desert a chance to root for our Huskers live, on TV.
  • We mixed it up a little bit this week during the Husker game, adding a little bar-b-que action to our weekly festivities. Click here for SGT Kane's excellent post on the whole grilling experience. It was something else - eating cheeseburgers and listening to Husker football under moonlight skies at 2:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning in Iraq. Can honestly say I never thought I would be in that situation during my lifetime.
  • My roommate, SSG Johnson, and I have put together the ultimate football fan's paradise in our room. I'll see if I can't grab some pictures next week. We have three TV's, with two at the foot of Brad's bed and one of the foot of mine. All three were tuned into three separate college games on Saturday night, and earlier tonight all three were tuned in to three separate NFL games. One of the loveliest site these eyes of mine have ever seen. It's a little overwhelming at times, trying to keep track of all three games at once, but definitely a position I love being in.
  • We received (drum roll please) a whole bunch of RAIN this past week. It hadn't rained in 4-5 months, so the sound of rain drops hitting the roof of our building late last week was an odd sound, to be sure. We were given quite a show the first couple nights - lightning, thunder, the whole works. Apparently we're about to dive head first into the rainy season, which will turn our camp into a soggy mess, from what we've been told. Should be an interesting couple months. Funny how we go from absolutely no rain at all, to buckets and buckets of rain.


Anonymous said...

My name is MSG Mercado.I'm the Deputy Commandant at the Fort Dix NCO Academy.I came across you BLOG as I was searching for Balad Iraq. My wife is currentyl stationed there working at the JMMT. Her name is SFC Mercado. Your pictures and posting provide me a little comfort knowing she is not in such a bad place. Please send my thanks to everyone over there for their sacrifices and service. Army Strong! Hooah!

Nic said...

Three words for you - HOOK 'EM HORNS! ;) I'm from Longhorn country here in Texas but am currently dating Spc. Grosz from the 167th out of Nebraska - one of the guys involved in the accident in August where SSgt Hansen lost his life. Anyway, just wanted to say that I am proud of the work that y'all are doing over there. Stay safe.