Thursday, October 12, 2006


As I've mentioned in the past, one of my favorite ways to kill the time here in Iraq is by checking out whatever movie is playing at our grand movie theater. I've had the pleasure of viewing a handful of flicks lately, and since I really don't have anything exciting to write about today, I have decided to give my own personal take on what I've watched. (Editor's note: most every movie I see has already been playing in the states for weeks, so these reviews aren't a good guide to go buy when deciding if the newest arrival at your local theater is worth your hard earned $8. For current movie previews/reviews, I suggest you go here.)

  • Miami Vice I had high hopes for this flick, considering the director (Michael Mann) has done a few movies I like, and the cast includes a recent Oscar winner in Jamie Foxx. I just missed seeing this when I was home on leave, as I think it originally came out around the 1st of August. Anyways, it's here now, and I came away from this disappointed. The movie was dark and moody, which tends to be Mann's style. However, the acting was subpar and the action scenes were few and far between. I found myself bored for long stretches of the movie. A couple scenes were entertaining, and most guys would agree that fast cars, boats, jets, and big explosions are ingredients to make almost anything watchable. Unfortunately, that's all this movie is - watchable.
  • The Guardian If you go into this movie like SGT Kane and I did (expecting it to suck and be entertaining in a my-goodness-this-movie-sucks kinda way) then you'll be pleased. However, if you go into this with the mindset that The Guardian is going to be a cinematic masterpiece and will serve as Ashton Kutcher's rocket ship to acting stardom - well, then you might leave the theater crying. One word can be used to sum up this entire movie: cliche. This flick uses nearly every movie cliche known to man, and borrows heavily from much better films (like this one and this one). Stay away, unless your a fan of unintentional comedy.
  • My Super Ex-Girlfriend Sometimes, I go to the movies for a couple of reasons: 1) It's free 2) I have nothing better to do and 3) It's free. I saw this movie based on all three reasons. I didn't expect much, and didn't get much, which is why going to the movies for free is such a beautiful thing. You don't put anything worthwhile into it (other than your time, but what's that really worth?), so if you get nothing worthwhile out if it, you don't really feel all that bad. Well, maybe you feel bad for the poor sucker back in the states who blew $40 on a date with his girl to go see this crap-fest, but oh well. Anyways, My Super Ex-Girlfriend has one redeeming quality that I think is worth mentioning: this guy, who most of you know as Dwight from NBC's comedy masterpiece The Office. Dwight's tour de force performance steals pretty much every scene he is in, and made me laugh every time. Other than that, this movie was mostly forgettable. Which is ok, because it was free.
  • The Last Kiss This movie will always be memorable to me. Not because of anything I saw on the screen, but more so for what this movie stands for, and the adverse reaction it caused my roommate, SSG Johnson. I had actually been looking forward to seeing this movie, based on my purely heterosexual soft spot for Zach Braff, and his previous work with Garden State and Scrubs. When I approached SSG Johson about the idea of him and I going to see this movie together, his reaction was quite entertaining, yet hurtful. He was 110% against the idea of going to see a "chick flick" with another guy. Forgetting the fact that tons of other guys would be seeing this movie also (simply because were in Iraq, it's free, there is nothing better to do, and it's free) SGT Johson simply would not budge on his anti-chick flick stance. So I had to wait for my true battle buddy SGT Kane to return home from leave, and then the two of us went and I finally made my way down to the theater to check this thing out. The movie itself was entertaining and worth seeing, in my opinion. However, the movie - the ending especially - is not very uplifting or positive. So, if your a fan of happy cheery movies with happy endings where everyone gets along, this probably isn't the flick for you. However, if you appreciated Garden State and are a fan of Braff's work in general, you should enjoy The Last Kiss. Oh, and the soundtrack to this movie is excellent also.

That's a quick synopsis of what I've seen in the last month or so. I'm looking forward to a few movies coming out over the next few weeks, (The Departed, Flags Of Our Fathers, The Marine)so depending on the feedback I get from this post I may end up sharing with you my thoughts on those as well.


Sack said...
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Sack said...

I like how you demoted Brad and also spelled his name wrong in the same sentence. Good work. He is obviously not as comfortable with his sexual orientation as we are. So what if we shared a popcorn and diet coke and held hands?

Sack said...

Oh and I bet that Air Force chick in front of us didn't think our utterly hillarious comments on the Guardian were all that great.

Joseph said...

Good post man. Sorry I havent been keeping up on the reading. Sounds like some good films. I recently saw the first two movies of my summer. "The Big White" and "Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby". The first one was a black comedey with Robin Williams and some other B list actors. Quite funny at times but very strange as a whole. I am sure you saw Ricky Bobby already. I thought it was pretty retarded when I watched it, but I then noticed about two hours later I was quoting it. Go figure. One other thing, you might want to reconsider the color of your page. With that black on white combo I actually blacked out three times trying to read your posts. Just a though!

Brad said...

Very funny SPC Hansal;kj. Some things are just meant for my wife and not you. Besides, Sack told me all about the hole in the bottom of the popcorn bag so I know you had a good time.