Sunday, September 03, 2006

Anaconda in pictures - the neighborhood

Today's pictures will give you a visual of the housing area that I live in along with some of the surrounding points of interest.

Also, have to mention that the Huskers romped yesterday, and I was able to listen to the game in it's entirety, thanks to the kind folks at who provide free streaming radio broadcasts of every Husker game. Go Big Red!

Behind those concrete walls (referred to as t-walls over here) is my housing area. It's quite a protective fortress that they have built for us. The idea is if mortar rounds or other enemy fire enters the area the t-walls will protect our trailers. I'd like to see them put in a moat and draw bridge type set-up to complete the whole castle effect, but I'm guessing that won't happen anytime soon.

Here is a shot of the street that runs right next to our housing area, which you can see in the top right corner of the picture. Our work area is to the right of the picture - you can't see it here. Off to the left is the restroom/shower trailers. You can see it's a bit of a walk from where I live to the showers. Not really what I'm used to, considering the last two apartments I've lived in I've had a master bedroom with bathroom five feet from my bed. One thing I will look forward to when I get home is having the ability to wake up in the morning and walk to the bathroom, without worrying about getting fully dressed, putting shoes on, etc.

Possibly the #1 thing I will not miss about Iraq - port-a-potties. They are everywhere, and unavoidable in most cases. Most mornings I end up making this my first stop when I wake up. Not a pleasant way to start you day, to say the least.

This is what the housing area looks like inside the t-walls. Between the t-walls and the sandbags, they protect our trailers fairly well. To really take the protection to the next level though, I really think we need to seriously consider the moat idea. I'll keep you updated.

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