Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Anaconda in pictures - odds & ends

Today's pictures won't cover any one thing in particular, but rather a couple of odds & ends that didn't merit their own post. Enjoy.

Here is our our chow hall. Food is not too shabby, but tends to get repitive. I hope to take some inside shots in the future.

The entrance to the beloved swimming pool.

Photo from my trip to the pool last week. Fairly busy lately, but the hot hot hot summer weather is starting to die down, and now we're just dealing with hot, which isn't too bad.
There is an outdoor basketball court and sand volleyball court outside of the gym. I've never used either one, but I've seen some folks using them from time to time.


Nicki Picky said...

i want more pictures with you in them...make the guys take pics with you in them or something

JH said...

Will do.

Brad said...

I'll keep the two comments above in mind if Hammer ever follows me to the shower with his camera! No deal.