Monday, November 20, 2006

me = internet celebrity

Stop what you're doing and click here right away for a pulitzer-prize worthy Q&A session. Jason Siffring and the boys over at Big Red Network have made internet celebrites of yours truly and my co-worker and workout accomplice, SGT Kane. Kane gives you all of the dirty details of how this article went down, so head over here for his take. Now that I'm famous and all I think the Army should send me home right away so I can begin a high-dollar publicty tour and start taking offers from publishers for a book deal. After that we can pursue my dream of becoming a graduate assistant on Billy C Coach Callahan's staff.


Nicki Picky said...

You didn't mention sad, jk. I am dating a true celebrity...I feel blessed!

Joe said...

hells yeah man.....good job on the interview. ya done good for yourself over there. wish i had as much internet time as you seem to have. keep it real bro.