Friday, November 10, 2006

Haircut day!

Yesterday was haircut day for yours truly. Here are some gorgeous before and after shots. (Special thanks to SSG Johnson for taking these beautiful pictures - he operated this photo shoot like a true pro)
I grew out my hair a big longer than usual. The ladies Nicki isn't a fan of my longer hair look, but since she isn't here I can grow it out as long as I please. Within reason, of course - the Army (like Nicki) isn't too fond of long hair either.
Shazaam. $5 later, and back to the Army high and tight. Awesome.

I'll throw this out there - what do you all think is better:
  • SGT Hanseling with long hair.
  • SGT Hanseling with short hair.

Post votes in the comments section.


Brad said...

My vote is neither.

Anonymous said...

Long hair is for snake eaters and Rangers. Short hair is for cool admin guys. You know what my vote is.

Anonymous said...

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Beans said...

Go for the Schorno look. I mean, look how many chicks I got with it.