Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I'm back from my spring break trip to Doha, Qatar. I had quite a fun time, with plenty of relaxation and sun and a few beers mixed in as well. I was fortuante enough to take 3 different trips while I was in Qatar, including visits to a 4 story mall called the City Center (complete with ice skating rink and bowling alley), a trip to the Persian Gulf for an afternoon of sand and food by the ocean, drove SUVs through the sand dunes, ate lunch at an Iranian restraunt in downtown Doha, toured local shops and malls in Doha, enjoyed plenty of good food and slept in every day. All in all a very productive trip and a nice break from Iraq. I'll post a couple pictures for you all here, and I'll also include a link to my Facebook page which has about 60 additional pictures from my trip on it. Enjoy.

Feeding camels in Doha.
Enjoying a few cold ones with the guys.
This pearl is some big tourist attraction in Doha, so here is my touristy picture with the pearl.

Check here for a ton of other pictures from my trip.


Sack said...

How come you didn't post the picture of you showing off your sweet bod at the beach?

Nicki Picky said...

because he didn't want to make you guys feel bad. aw snap :)

JH said...

Ha, thanks for that Nicki.

Nicki Picky said...

anytime babe, anytime

Anonymous said...

Hammer, I'm so glad you were able to let your hair down and have a little fun, sun, and of course, beers!!!

Great pix!!

Ma Beans.

Brad said...

He didn't post the picture because the sweet bod is under construction. Jon doesn't want to spoil the surprise of what I get to see everyday!