Saturday, June 10, 2006

Non-alcoholic beer

I'm always brainstorming ideas for things I can write about here on the blog, and one topic I haven't touched on yet would have to be non-alcoholic beer, or NA beer for short. Since we are U.S. Military service members serving in a hostile part of the world, one simple pleasure in life that we are denied is access to alcoholic beverages. All alocholoic beverages of any kind are prohibited in a "combat zone" such as ours. However, one way that soldiers such as myself are able to get around this rule and still enjoy in the pleasure of a beer every now and again is in the consumption of NA beer.

My section sergeant, SFC Kerchal, and I have tast tested a handful of different NA beers during our time in the desert, and we've seperated the haves from the have-nots, based on taste. NA Budweiser was by far the worst we have tried up to this point. A handful of others have also dissapointed. Becks and St. Paulies have been favorites so far. The dining facilites stock NA beer, and every once in awhile we'll have a NA beer with dinner. Little things like the NA beer are not neccessary, but serve as a decent reminder of what home is like, and also allow service members to kick back and relax for a bit and feel like a regular person.

Below is a picture of SFC Kerchal and I enjoying a can of NA Amstel in the office.

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